Thursday 5 February 2015

Here is a photo of Micky Harte who coached tyrone for the past number of years after his daughter died in 2011 a true servant to the sport.

Thursday 15 January 2015

the problem at the moment with gealic football is because the players are willing to win at any cost but the fact of the matter is that they don't get paid so they also have to train and work on the same day all for the cost of good old sam maguire. My brother was an U21 Co footballer he used to fly home from liverpool from college every weekend for training. The GAA itself is played all over the world in Australia they have created the AFL threw  strong relationships with the GAA in sweden and norway it has arrived as well with all the the irish workers going over. its also in the states and canada its a game with a lot of history and back round. significantly  once again with gealic football it all comes down to politics. it is still argued and will be constantly argued will it become pro.

Monday 12 January 2015

one of the greatest goals of all time was Eoin  mulligans goal was one of the greatest goals of all time
by passing the dublin defence then hammering the ball in the back of the night this happened in the 2005 all ireland semi final

Friday 9 January 2015

My name is Campbell Classon I am doing the geography of gealic football and why it is not a pro sport